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At Good Faith Charity Foundation, we believe that above all else, every child should live within a caring family environment.

We work with children, their families and communities across Central Africa, to ensure that children grow up in an environment where they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We move children out of institutions into family-based care, help keep together families at risk of breakdown due to the pressures of poverty, disease or conflict, and work to prevent child abandonment.

       House Of Faith Children        Faith Primary and Nursery                 Training in Weaving

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Projects include:                                                                                       

  • 2 Nursery and Primary Schools for orphans and destitute children
  • Orphan Support Programms
  • Kingdom Extensions (Church Planting)
  • Remote Village outreach
  • Vocational training programme for vulnerable women
  • School of Ministries running a 3 year acredited Diploma in Theology
  • 'House of Hope' Children's Care Centre Orphanage
  • 'House of Dreams' Children's Care Centre Orphanage
  • 'Heaven's Garden' Baby Rescue Centre Orphanage
  • Team trips several times a year - email us
  • 'Farming Gods Way' high yield programme - from Subsistance to Profit
  • Building a central 'Hub' on 10.5 acres as a base for training, orphan accommodation and outreach  


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